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Baseball Lifer Bob Wirz Shares His Road
From Tiny Midwestern Town to Major Leagues'
Top Publicist Via 'The Passion of Baseball'

It is said only about six per cent of the United States population gets to spend a lifetime working in a profession the person dreamed of since childhood. Bob Wirz believes he is part of a much smaller group who has lived a long life rubbing shoulders with the biggest names in baseball without ever swinging a bat or throwing a ball beyond the most scruffy of diamonds.

"The Passion of Baseball", Wirz's book from Ravenswood Publishing, which will be available starting October 5, tells the headline-making, celebrity-filled story of living out the dream of a tiny town lad who grew up in the Sandhills of Nebraska and went on to head up Major League Baseball's media fishbowl for more than a decade in New York City. As a friend once put it, this is a "dream journey from the cornfields of the Midwest to the skyscrapers of the country's largest city."

Wirz uses more than 300 pages to share insights on the first six years of the Kansas City Royals (he was Publicity Director) to White House trips, sitting with manager Bob Lemon on the New York Yankees' victory flight after the history-making Bucky Dent playoff home run of 1978 and surviving the early years of the sport's anger-filled free agency.

Readers relive the author's experiences in "Passion" during the 1989 San Francisco-Oakland earthquake-interrupted World Series, rubbing shoulders with actor Jack Nicholson during an All-Star Game, the joy of induction weekends at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, NY and his last four-hour visit with former commissioner Bowie Kuhn, who had gone from being his boss to his friend and business partner.

Wirz also takes readers through about three decades of the ups and downs of running his own sports public relations company, which included handling publicity for the coveted Rolaids Relief Man program, ground-breaking anniversary planning for Little League Baseball and helping IBM become the first company to put reality into home run distances. Along the way, he fell in love with--and wrote-- the touching stories of undrafted players who worked their way from the smallest of Independent baseball leagues to major league baseball fame and financial security.

"The Passion of Baseball" will be available nationwide starting October 5. Pre-orders are now being accepted via PayPal for $20.95 or $23.95 if the buyer wants it personally autographed. Postage is included (for either price).


Personally Autographed - $23.95

Contact: For interviews, book-signings and more reach Kitty Honeycutt (ravenswoodpublishing@gmail.com) or the author (rwirz@aol.com, 203 380-9931 or 203 858-4890).

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